End-to-end Encryption

I purchased service from Cloudamo so that I can access a NextCloud instance, under the premise I would be able to enable end-to-end encryption on my storage.

However, it seems the “Default encryption app” doesn’t really provide this, and after enabling it I can’t sync my data.

Does end to end encryption really exist so that I can sync between my iPhone, computer, and the server, and have the data be encrypted “End to End”, meaning exist decrypted on my devices (so that I can view them) and encrypted before they leave my device, and stay encrypted on the server?

If not I don’t see the point of even mentioning encryption in your product.

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This should cover all of your questions, even with technical details:

Please note that your provider has to enable this feature in order to use it.

e2e is handled through the desktop and mobile apps, assuming it is enabled by the admin.

Otherwise, you can use Cryptomator or a similar tool.

Easiest place to track development of e2e is on the github repo.