End to End Encryption on 14

Hello guys, I need use end to end encryption for my client following the gdpr regulation, someon know if in 14 it is working good ?
Thanks for your help


I would be very interested to hear what the status of this App is as well. From what I could see on the nextcloud website it should be ready for production (https://nextcloud.com/endtoend/). But in the appstore e2e (https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/end_to_end_encryption) still shows as being alpha software, kind of a showstopper to roll it out in production if you ask me.

Not ready for production yet, still tech review phase. i.e. sharing is not supported at the moment.

I need proose some to my clients, tha tare asking me about end to end encryption for gdpr compliance, I tought to propose Nextcloud, reading the website advice about end to end encryption, next week I will propose nextclou, or boole or tenharit
any suggestion ?

For client side encryption, you could use cryptomator. It’s open source as well and can use Nextcloud as storage backend (via webdav). If it is only for a few files, you can use an encrypted container like VeraCrypt.

If you want to offer it to a client, this feature must be official and you need to have time to test it yourself.

…but owncloud have end to end ?
they says yes… but also the nextcloud web says same

I haven’t seen this option in their client yet, perhaps I missed something…

They have it for Enterprise customers only. (and it’s a 3rd party developed app)

And closed source.

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Very true.

I’ve been reading through most of the docs for e2ee, but the status of the overall implementation is not very clear to me. Is there a road map somewhere which would show which features of the RFC have already been implemented and which ones are still missing?

The desktop client seems to be final: https://download.nextcloud.com/desktop/releases/Windows/

Whats the status? I can see that for NC15 End-to-End Encryption App version 1.1.0 is available. Any experiences? I recently started to use client-side encryption because I found out that server-side encryption is actually not enough when on shared NC hosting. Although I believe it is still better then nothing. It takes another step for a server admin to decrypt the files with the key. I started using Cryptomator together with the Nextcloud desktop client for most sensitive files. That seems to be the best available option.

Hello Joe, i was trying to have some information too about end to end encryption, noone is using it ?