End to End Encryption Not Working 13.01

So I have had a rather strange issue. I tried to enable server-side encryption today. I enabled the app, went to settings and “turned on” server side encryption. And that’s all I can do. No password entries, no means of actually enabling it. And, I can’t turn it off either. The screenshot hopefully explains what I mean by this.

I also can’t enable client-side encryption as I keep getting “cannot store keys” issue - I have reported that before, but it still exists on updated app and latest NC release. I may do a full re-install in April, but would prefer to fix what I have as I have active links and such. :-/!

I use Boxcryptor for encrypting files, so it’s not a major problem for me BUT I would like to server-side encrypt everything too for extra tin-foil.


I probably won’t be able to help you, because I never used the server side encryption due to the missing security benefits.
But I would like to help you find help quicker :slight_smile:

Could you please post your server details and foremost your log file entries? I suggest using the issue template (an app in the store) that helps you gather all the information, that are necessary to assist you.
Without these information you probably need to wait a quite long time for an answer.