End-to-end Encryption and NC 21

E2EE hasn’t seen any commits for over a month and isn’t compatible with NC 21. Is an update for this version and PHP8 coming in the foreseeable future?

The GitHub issues tracking these questions haven’t been answered since the release of 21.0.0.

I too am troubled by this. I have emailed nextcloud support and received no response. It’s like no one from nextcloud wants to acknowledge this issue. It’s the only reason I’d consider nextcloud is whether this functionality exists or not. I just want to know whether there is an intent to make it work, and to keep it functional as a core part of the functionality of nextcloud. Everything I’ve seen since I have seen Nextcloud 21 released is that end to end encryption is not part of their ecosystem, and I’m concluding Nextcloud is not for me.

Honestly, I do not understand that new NC is released in “stable” (?) channel even when it breaks existing functionality (which was so proudly announced some time ago)…

From the outside view this whole development model looks utterly chaotic, like when the right hand does not know what the left one is just doing…

And several people upgraded to this unwillingly as the updater was advertising 20.0.8 → 20.0.9.

I do agree that this release feels chaotic.

Since Georg, who was the main contributor to E2EE in 2020 left Nextcloud in September 2020. Is anyone going to pick it up?

It would be nice to know if the feature is dead so users can look for alternatives.

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Did not know that. But I think E2EE is too important to let it hang somewhere in vain. IMHO, NC 21.x release should have been postponed till this issue is solved…

Due to the fact, that this feature has been announced by Frank Karlitschek for Nextcloud 13, but never reached a really stable state up to now, I’m still missing this as a really cool idea - and an absolutely outstanding feature!
Last announcements for the desktop clients looked promising. Is anybody willing to pick this up and complete / maintenance it?

Afaik, it works pretty stable with NC20 and it is just a matter of time that it also works with NC21.

Probably now with the latest fixes in desktop applications it is - did not try yet, because I’m already on Nextcloud 21.0.1 and there is no E2EE app package around for this version.

E2EE 1.7.0 is now out and supports NC21

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Could you post feed back about stability for the ones using it ?

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