Encryption warning in NC 20 > I am confused

Hi Boyz (and Girlz perhaps)

Merry X-mas and I wish everyone a healthy 2021 ! Lets hope for a better future.

When updating to v.20.0.3 from v.19.x (on RaspberryPi 4) it showed an omenous warning about legacy encryption.

So I followed the cookbook, removed encryption, even thought Legacy seemed supported I took no chance to get stuck in some future update.
But that feels really unsafe

  1. It is totally unclear if Legacy will be supported in the future
  2. it is unclear whether it is safe to use, and till what point in time
  3. it is unclear what to replace it with after removing it
  4. to my opinion the installer should take care of this

By the way: in chapter “Migrating” the manual only mentions how to remove it, does not mention what to replace it with. Seems the chapter is not finished yet

Can anyone elborate on this ?

  • How do I safely encrypt my local storage with guaranteed future support ?
  • Can anyone finish the manual, so its clear about what to do next ?

Cheers and take care

Anyone ?
Can I still use Legacy Encryption, and what will it be replaced with ?

Thanks !