Encoding files before uploading to NextCloud

I don’t know if this is the correct topic. I am a newbie and I still learn a lot as I go along…
I have managed to get NextCloud working on my home server (FreeBSD).
My question is: How can I encrypt files on my cellphone before I upload/store them on the server? Encrypted files should only be accessible to the person with the encryption key. Not even the NextCloud server administrator should be able to open the files (mostly pics and text) without the encryption key.
One way of doing this is, using third party applications (like WinZIP). But I hope there is a more convenient way.

Hi @Gomario,

Not that I have done it, but as Cryptomator works with webdav you can give it a try.

There seems to be a interessting discusion, maybe even an answer, in their forum:

Please send any Feedback here, this is a interesting topic :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply. Indeed, I have used Cryptomator with WebDAV. It was working 100%. But I killed WebDAV and “upgraded” to NextCloud. NextCloud is ‘Head and Shoulders’ above WebDAV. No comparison there. However, I was under the impression that NextCloud has such a basic feature already build-in…
I will wait, perhaps a more experienced NextCloud user will bring much needed good news…