Enabling server-side encryption (v. 21.0.1) and desktop clients files will be okay?

Hello everyone,
Long time owncloud then Nextcloud user. I’m starting to put a lot of files inand setup some structure and I am going to need the files encrypted on the backend location (local server path on linux) and loving the recent v3.2.1 of the windows client with virtual file support.

I couldn’t find any documentation that would state files will not operate like they do now post-enable of the server-side encryption. Can folks give me a confirmation on that? I want to enable it, then still have the files syncing as they are down and usable on Windows.

Appreciate any confirmation here or warnings on this. I don’t mine the size increase, but the directories and files will need to be usable natively in Windows as they are now or this is too much to handle. Thanks!

Maybe this is just an “of course that will be okay” kind of thing but any confirmation would be appreciated.

I too am looking for good news on this feature.
But the only comment accessible on git is negative.
May be people don’t ue it or the ones usint the feature and happy with it don’t bother to say happy ?

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Has no one done servers-side encryption on their NextCloud instance?

Hi, didn’t you already ask the excactly same here? Flipping on server side encryption - will desktop client files/sync still work after?