Enabling/disabling modules or features in Nextcloud possible? How?

I am interested in using Nextcloud more similar to Dropbox (file-sharing for team projects) than an advanced online office suite. In lack of a better description.

In checking Nextcloud out, I recall watching some review video on Youtube. This video was a ‘serious’ review, and it claimed that many ‘modules’ that comes installed with Nextcloud as default, can actually be disabled in the settings. Thereby one might customize Nextcloud’s usage layout and functionality to just the uses one intends to offer.

I don’t know for certain it this is true, but I need it to be. I also remember this review video was older than 1 year, so it may have been reviewing a previous version of Nextcloud.

I am currently using Nextcloud as a trial account on a hosting provider to check it out. And I am trying to find the panel and settings menu, to see if I can enable or disable certain things like calendar, e-mail, tasks etc, because I won’t use them and I want those out of the way.

Seems I am having a great deal of problems finding how to enable/disable modules like the above mentioned. I could use some more experienced advice:

  1. Have I been misinformed? Is it possible to enable/disable even some of the default modules in Nextcloud?
  2. If the answer to question above is “Yes”, do I perhaps need a different account type to access a settings panel which offers me to make the customizations I’m referring to?

Thanks for any input

If your hoster allows you to access the Apps menu, in the upper right corner, you can customize the list of active apps :wink: