Enabled LGTM Bot on GitHub

I just enabled the lgtm.co bot on https://github.com/nextcloud/server. This enforces that before a Pull Request can be merged two people have to write LGTM or :thumbsup: in the Pull Request. Then the status check will be successful. :slight_smile:

As approver I just created a group “Maintainers” and added everyone in the organisation to it. (see https://lgtm.co/docs/maintainers/ for example)



I like it. Makes it for new contributors easier to figure out what is missing.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice! Das wäre auch praktisch für Android.
Reviews laufen momentan über Tobias, Bartosz und mich :slight_smile:

Enabled also on android and android-library, you might want to adjust the settings a bit. Otherwise it will only allow LGTM and allow that from everybody :slight_smile:

https://lgtm.co/docs/customize/ + https://lgtm.co/docs/maintainers/

Sounds useful, thx :slight_smile:

Argh… LGTM is active on Android. can’t push to master, need to reviews now… So 1.0.0 release is blocked :frowning:
Deactivated the hook, but the hook doesn’t care about it. Can’t push to master.

@Andy so this is solved by now I assume, right? :wink:

@jan Yes! :thumbsup: