Enable Virtual Files

Hi everyone!
I have installed the 3.3.4 version of nextcloud client in Windows but I can’t see the “Virtual Files” option, that i see it was added in 3.2 version. The server is running 20.0.12 but I don’t know if I need to upgrade the server too in order to have this feature.
I don’t know if I have to enable it or something… i can’t find anything related over the internet.

Thanks in advance for the help!! :slight_smile:

I have updated to NC 22.2 and the windows client to 3.3.5 but still nothing… I cant config. the cirtual files :frowning:

Not sure about windows, but in MacOS I believe one must enable virtual files in a config file before it will show up as an option in the desktop app.

If you go into the settings, you see the folder that is currently synced, and on the right side there are three dots, the you can enable it:

where was the config file? i can try that option in Windows…

I clicked in the dots but i cant see anything to enable virtual files. I only can see this options:

  • Open Folder
  • Edit ignored files
  • Create new folder
  • Force sync now
  • Pause sync
  • Remove sync

Nothing related with Virtual files :frowning:

I have no idea and in the documentation they added the point as well:

Not sure if there are limits to certain windows versions, or the server is requiring a certain version, nothing there in the docs, so I’d ask for clarification in the bugtracker.

Ok, finally, I could use virtual files in my Windows 10 laptop (maybe I need a certain Windows 10 version) I did not change nothing in Nextcloud, just a few updates of the client, from 3.3 to 3.6 and some Windows updates since I started the post. Finally I could activate the Virtual files there, but I am unable to activate it in Windows 7. I think virtual files are not compatible with Windows versions under Windows 10… even I found the configuration file where I saw that virtual files was off, I changed it to on but still nothing happen in the nextcloud app…

Yes, it think that was a new feature that is not available on old Windows versions (that’s also the reason these versions are not supported any more by Nextcloud clients).