Virtual Files on Ubuntu Desktop

Hello, is there anyway to enable virtual files on Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS?

I found an option in the windows client, I’m currently not booted under Ubuntu to verify but it should be similar (unless it is not available for Ubuntu):

I think Virtual Files is not yet available on Linux.

Linux support is still experimental but can be enabled.

If you are on Ubuntu 20.04, you have to make sure, that the latest version 3.something is installed from this ppa: After that you can add the line showExperimentalOptions=true to the [General] section in the nextcloud.cfg file. The file is located in /home/yourusername/.config/Nextloud. After adding this line the option for Virtual Files should apear in the UI, when you add a new account.

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Doing the steps did bring out the option when a sync connection is already in place but not while adding a new connection.
So when a connection is already in place and you enable virtual files experimental function it crashes the application.

I can not say much about how well it works because I do not use it myself. But as I said it is still experimental.

You could try to remove the existing account completely and then add it again with Virtual Drive enabled. It doesn’t make much sense to use both methods in parallel anyway. Before you add the account again, make sure that you either have renamed the existing sync folder or moved it to another location.