Enable gallery view when sharing a public link

When I share public link that contains nothing but images the only thing that the user can do is download them (all or individually). But the user can’t look at them right on the site.

How can I share set of images with the public so that the user can skim through all the image like in a regular gallery where each image will show enlarged in full size.

Making our users to download each image then finding it on disk and then open it there for each and every image is a horrible user experience. Unfortunately we have a lot of elderly people and people that are not at all technology savy and they utterly keep failing to look at the images we send to them as a link. That’s actually the reason I am asking this here.

I know there is a grid view hidden in the upper right corner but that is nowhere near a replacement for an actual gallery view.

I pretty am sure this used to work in an earlier version of nextClould but it seems to be broken now.

Did you ever create a bug or feature request for this?

That is a very old thread. I think the problem is solved. I think it was a bug.
On public shares you can list all files e.g. images.

And then you can click on the images: