Enable Disable Activity Notifications Via OCC Command

How do I enable or disable activities’ push notifications via OCC command? I can’t seem to find any example of it. I need it because I want to set certain notifications to a new user.


an admin user could create default setting which should apply to new users, maybe this helps you


changing user settings should be possible with occbut I don’t have syntax handy right now.

Thanks for the feedback but I’m looking to set them by OCC command or by editing the config.php not by GUI. The reason why is because I want to automate it when I’m spinning up Nextcloud for the first time.

Since you said it is possible, do you mind sharing one example of it? I’ve tried occ config:app:set activity file_changed_notification --value 1 , in the log said that the value has been set but when I went to check on the GUI. The option for A file or folder has been changed did not checked

Is there anyone here that could help me on this?