Empty dialog adding new card

Hi folx,

I just setup a new nextcloud instance via docker from nextcloud:26.0-fpm to test the deck app.

  • Container ‘app’:
    • Debian GNU/Linux 11
    • PHP 8.1.17
  • Container ‘web’:
    • Alpine Linux 3.17
    • nginx/1.23.3
  • Clients:
    • MacOS with Safari
    • Linux with Firefox

When I start “deck” and try to add a new card using the ‘+’ (Add card) right of the header “Upcoming cards” I get a dialog to enter board, list, title etc which is fine. However if I press the “create” button, an empty popup comes up and no card is created.
I assume, this is meant to show an info dialog to some error message.

This is reproducible.

In board “Personal” or a self created “testboard” the creation of new cards works fine.

Is this a well kown bug or specific to my install?
If the later: Any idea, how to fix the emtpy dialog?


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I just installed deck on an old but actual installation seeing exactly the same issue.

thanks for feedback. So looks more like an issue in deck and not in nextcloud or nextcloud-config.