Emails not loading?


I am trying to add an office365 account into the app, but it is a large account (5 GB Emails). I guess this is the issue why the app is not loading at all. Is there eventuell a way to only sync the last 100 or so emails in order to make it work?

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How many emails are those? The app doesn’t care much if you have lots of emails with attachments or large bodies. If you have >100k emails it can be slower, but below that it should work fine from what we tested.

How far did you get with the app setup? Where did it get stuck?


I have a similar problem, it’s endlessly loading the inbox.
I tried switching from STARTTLS to SSL, made no difference.
Then I noticed that it got stuck loading on one particular email host, and only on the inbox. All the other folders load fine. Very strange. Almost like a gremlin in the database (assuming something gets left behind)?

If I remove the account and re-ad, same thing. Which is why I am assuming something is being left behind perhaps on removal.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Same here. I’ve thrown-in the towel. Looking forward to trying again once I understand what the problem is.

Around 20k Emails. I wondered too as I guessed that App is not doing a 1 to 1 copy of the account and thus has to download the 5-10GB, right?

I am totally new to nextcloud so maybe I’ve done something wrong. I just installed the app and clicked on the Email in the top header. After I entered all credentials I changed to the outlook like view and it should a few of the folders like Favorites etc.

The Email overview though keeps having the loading

Funny thing is, the problem I’m having is on an account with barely 800 messages, and not big at all.

Larger email accounts are loading fine. I wish I knew where/how to check for an error log of some kind to share with the team. I’m sure it’s something they could fix in a snap.

It does not :wink:

Are you challenging us? :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing the logs would certainly help. The Nextcloud mail app offers an extensive logging system to make it easier identifying and tracking down bugs. Please enable debug mode and set the log level to debug in your admin settings. Then, try to reproduce your issue and take another look at data/nextcloud.log and data/horde_imap.log.


OK, so let me start that.
Horde is not writing a log file, so I’m doing further research.


I sorted it on my side.
It had nothing to do with the mail client and everything to do with all the other warnings in the NC overview, from the admin account. I went through those one by one, and once it was clear, my inbox was loading, very very quickly indeed.

My install on FreeBSD seemed to have developed warnings and errors after years of upgrading. (It started as an ownCloud install).

I think many people are not addressing the warnings and errors presented.

ALSO: browse add-ons! Privacy Badger prevented the reply page from loading on my side, and other strange behaviour from Firefox’s “Enhanced Tracking Protection”

Where can I suggest things for the documentation?

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True. But that is the best we can do. The automatic checks are already a huge favor for the admins.


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I’m going to try and get this to the configuration for a future version, but a particular configuration issue that will affect modern email, is 4-byte character support.

Even mail from the nextcloud forums include emoji’s - so don’t overlook the following configuration section in particular, should you be faced with mail mail not loading:


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