Emails are tagged as important

Hello, i am running debian (stable) for many years now as my email server (postfix/dovecot) with roundcube. that works like a charm but i was looking for some caldav/carddav integration, so i thought i test nextcloud.

after installing it and using cron for the cron.php, i noticed that some emails are flagged as important, which should not because they are not. even test emails suddenly were flagged as important. so i disabled the nextcloud site in apache and thought at least the tagging stops now. but it did not so i assume its a cron.php problem and found some other tickets that this was indeed once a problem, but seems like it got solved.

so i created emails are tagged as important which should not · Issue #9188 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub where i was told to disable cron. the guide says i should use cron, now a dev tells me i should disable it.

can someone please clarify wth is going on here and what is correct. for me this is a killer and something like this should never be in a regression. lucky me i received only about 25 emails in that time.


edit: i received now all the information.
nextcloud uses some sort of machine learning to label emails (Nextcloud Mail introduces Machine Learning for Priority Inbox while protecting your privacy - Nextcloud)
imho: this is so very wrong to have that enabled by default.
imagine someone who receives 100+ messages per day and all are labeled as important… the sender should decide whats important. if there is some special feature in nc that labels them for the receiver as important, this should only be done in nextcloud and only be visible in nextcloud, not manipulating the original messages.

Well, one could argue that this is a way of making the feature available to other clients that don’t have “intelligence” built in :wink:

Joking aside, I agree with you, and I’m not a fan of “intelligent” features like this either, especially when they’re enabled by default. What also bothers me about Nextcloud Mail in this context is that even if you turn this feature off, the priority mailbox still shows up in the side pane.

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do you know if there is any way to fully disable this bug feature? i am very sure none of my users want this feature but i dont want to annoy them and tell each one where to change that manually in some config.

Not sure if there is an option to diasble it globally, but users can disable it in the “Mail Settings” at the bottom left:

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the thing is, when they log in, they are already “doomed” with this feature.
i need to somehow disable it initially.
also, i have a bad feeling when i tell them to do that manually. they are 0815-regular-users, they do not change settings normally.
i added it to Configurable default for email classification · Issue #6390 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

edit ./apps/mail/lib/Listener/NewMessageClassificationListener.php
go to line 84 and add that return as in:

public function handle(Event $event): void {
                if (!($event instanceof NewMessagesSynchronized)) {

i guess that should do it