Email templates missing - NC11

Documentation indicates templates are available to be modified on the admin page.

And this is what my admin page looks like. No reference anywhere to email templates. Am I missing something?

Additionally, when the test email and activity emails do go out, the sender is www-data in the “from” field of the NC11 sent email. Need to change this to

Thanks in advance

The admin page is divided in sections available in the left panel.

Currently, the email templates are available at the bottom of the “additional settings” section.
You can also change the sender by configuring the email settings at the top of the same section.

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Here is what is on the additional settings page.

Pretty much missing email templates.

The application Mail template editor does’nt seems to be enabled on your instance.
You should find it in the application store in the not enabled section.

Regards, Aal.

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That fixed the template issue, and they are now available.

The sender in the test email is Something is pulling the www-data user and sending the email with that userID as the sender. Any idea how to change? It’s not working by changing it in the GUI.

Is the mail template editor no longer existing in NC120B2?

Bump, having the same issue. Running the 12.0.0 release and cannot find the Template app to modify my email templates. Is this feature deprecated in NC12?


Same question here regarding version 12

Any update on this issue. Same problem .

Same here - Brand new NC 12.0.0 install and comes with no email template manager app. I’ve looked everywhere