Email Templates Again and Again!

I know there are loads of threads and web posts on the subject of email templates but none of them seem to have a solution.

I’m simply trying to make the default email notifications a little more friendly and informative. I tried the editor under admin, it says it cant find half of the templates listed. I’ve tried editing the ones that are there but they’re being ignored and the original ones are still being sent. I can’t believe something so basic can be such a problem. I’ve spent longer on this that the entire install.

Anyone have any (polite) words of wisdom they can share?



well my words won’t be really wise, i’m afraid. but i’m sure keeping them polite.

if it was so easy to be wise about email templates do you really think there would be so many threads and web posts about this issue?
one slight bit of hope is left for you… in nc 11 it was still possible to edit email templates with an app… after changing to nc 12 this app vanished due to a complete reconfig (redo) of the template-thing.

as for now the only thing i can tell you is: give the referring github-issue a +1 - and pray that it’s gonna be solved sometime.

hope that helped - even if it didn’t solve the problem.

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