Email sender name

Nextcloud 11 after upgrade
Ubuntu server 16.04
https redirect
strict https enabled
redis memcache enabled

Hello again.
I am trying to setup my email. I have set up the email and it works fine through smtp/gmail.

However the issue that I am having is that the sent emails are coming through from my main gmail email account.

I did fill out the fields for the from address as

I sent out a test mail and still my actual email shows.

I created a new user … welcome email comes from my actual gmail account.

if I am not wrong then the from address is supposed to send the email from what I put in there right?

if it is supposed to … its not for whatever reason.

If you have any information on this I would appreciate it … thank you.

I don’t use gmail but it could be that gmail replaces by default the main address of your gmail-account and doesn’t allow the use of other addresses.

ah ok … is there another email provider or providers that you do know that works with that feature?

If you want to use, use the mail server of

OK I’ll look into that. I’m not sure if there is a mail service on the domain host or not. I’ll check that out. Thank you