Email notifications not being sent

Currently have NextCloud 20.0.5 running on an Apache server on openSUSE Leap 15.2. PHP version is 7.4.6.

I have the email setup to send email via my own server and I can send both the system test email and also resend my welcome email from my test account. So I have a high confidence that the email setup is correct.

I have selected “send daily activity summary in the morning” but I get no emails.

I have set background jobs to be run via CRON and have the following cron entry to run every hour at 7 mins past the hour:
7 * * * * wwwrun php -f /srv/www/htdocs/sites/

The cron job appears to run as it is reported in basic settings screen.

But no emails of my activity. Nothing in the log file either that is set to log level 2 and nothing in the logs of my mail server either.

Anybody got any ideas or tests that I could try?


I found exactly the same issue with ownCloud. However changing the mail delivery system from SMTP to either Sendmail or PHPmail got it working. Changing Nextcloud to Sendmail delivery has made no difference.