Email Notification when Internet connection has been lost or resumed

Dear all,

A feature that I like on my Synology NAS is a notification when the Network connection has been lost.
Especially, when I am on vacation, or at work and I lose Internet connection at home, then I can receive an email mentionning for example :

“Connection to has been lost since 2017-05-30 22:55:42 GMT”

Same when you recover the network connection :

“Connection to has been resumed since 2017-05-30 23:32:10 GMT”

Maybe I missed somthing, but I couldn’t find anything similar with Nextcloud.

Is it an available feature (I see in Settings, activity email notifications for files, but not for such issue) ?
If not, do you plan to implement it ?

Thank you very much.

I don’t see a real usecase, because you should monitor your cloud from outside p.e. with so you will be informed when your cloud is offline so you can react asap…
Your mentioned function just has a statistical character…
…becaus when Nc is offline, it’s not able to send a email…

Thank you very much for your quick help. I am not an expert, so pardon me if I am wrong, but if I understood PHP Server Monitor, it shall be installed on another server which monitor the server which contain Nextcloud. However, I don’t have any other server (the Synology NAS is no more used).

Do you have any idea of website (ideally open-source, at least “privacy safe”) to monitor my Nextcloud server online and send an email in case of server down ?

I have found some of them (such as Uptime Doctor, Uptime Robot) but I am not sure about their privacy policy, for example Uptime Robot collects data.

Thank you

Yes, monitoring should be done from a server outside the network, your NC is running on.
Because I don’t want third parties to monitor my cloud, I installed php Server Monitor on a hosted webservice. It doesn’t need many resorces, so any webhosting which allows installing php-apps should fit…

Indeed if your network goes down an app like that would do nothing if it’s on the same network. Externally it’d work, but then it’s not an Nextcloud app or feature, but can be any product on the market, or which there are a good number of them available :thumbsup:

Thank you very much for your help. I have search online, but it seems that it is a little bit new for me, just for a statistical feature as you said.

Before to close this thread, please do you know any example of free webhosting allowing to set up something privacy safe ?

Thank you again.

I haven’t used this, but I keep seeing this one that looks promising

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Thank you very much linucksrox. My fear with is the below data they collect and share with third parties (which here is… Google ^^) :

We use third party software called “Google Recaptcha” that collects information about users for security reasons.
Information collected by reCAPTCHA is held in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy.

In any case, thank you all for helping me. I think I am not satisfied about any solution here. I feel that if I want to monitor that my server is down, then I have no choice to give personal data to companies. And I don’t accept to do that, the main reason I have left Synology to Nextcloud is about the privacy.
Maybe, a last possibility is to use my old Raspberry Pi somewere (my family, or trusted friend) where I could install PHP Server Monitor. Too bad that no easy open source solution exist.