Email notification for polls is sent only every 12 hours


I am running since few month a nextcloud server uptdated to the latest version 24.0.4 and polls version 3.7.0.

I think I set everywhere that I want notifications as soon as possible and setup the webcron to be executed every 15 minutes. I can see it was properly executed last time.

Unfortunately, I get polls notification only every 12 hours, usually at 5:15 AM or 5:15 PM.

Polls is the only application that is really used on my nextcloud, so I can’t say if it works better for other applications, but I get application upgrade email notifications at different time, so I would say it looks to be linked to polls.

Is it expected to have only twice a day notifications regarding polls changes?
Can you list places I have to look for, to ensure configuration is correctly set to have polls email notification every time there is a new activity on a poll?

Thanks and best regards

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