Email notification for password expiration

I applied a 90 days expiration criteria for NC user passwords (not the password app).
Every 90 days I get locked out because my password expired and I have to reset it.
Am I missing something?
Why I am not getting a notification or an email (or both) a few days prior to the expiration date?

Running Nextcloud 24.0.4 via docker-compose

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Same here, running on 24.0.4. My business also complaining.
It there a way for set notification reminder to user ?

Thank you for this post! Have you found a solution in the meantime? I currently also have the problem that user passwords expire and the users do not notice this. As an admin, I do not see any clear names in the log. Otherwise I could make the users aware of this.

No, unfortunately.

@Tippon @arman I opened a issue on Github

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