Email Files to a Folder - will pay for dev - need a quote

We have a requirement for email-address enabled folders with a custom “files” view.

It should work as follows:

  1. User sends an email with an attachment to a folder.

  2. Folder receives the email with the file(s) attached.

  3. User views the folder using any Nextcloud client and sees only the attachments (files), but can click to view the original email text (not required but nice to have).

Odd request, I know, but it’s interesting how many people like to click forward and send rather than save, search for a folder or share, then click save/upload. The ability to send an email to a folder also has application in the field of finance/accounting/bookkeeping. A financial system like a Sage app or Quickbooks can be configured to send Invoices to the folder as well as the customer. The customer can delete the email but still find their invoice or statement later in the folder. Folder permissions can control what they can do, such as “read-only” and the folder could also be configured to send notifications, for example when Tax returns are prepared and ready.

Please let me know if any developers are interested. We have a very small budget but are willing to contribute for this and turn it over to the community as a free add-on app to Nextcloud. We’re loving Nextcloud!

I saw that there is a solution for it:

Have you looked at this outlook feature - since you’re on a budget: - US$39

You can setup a windows client with outlook that automatically connects to a mailbox and saves the content in a nextcloud folder which is synced to the folder of you liking.

Thunderbird email client has an addon too:

This is not a nextcloud integrated solution as you may prefer but would do the job for a cheap price.

This is actually not an odd request. It’s very common in business to handle these kind of requests with integration tools (Mule, Biztalk, BlueIntegrator etc.)

It would be cool to have such a feature available for purchase in Nextcloud though.

Thanks for the prompt suggestions!

I looked at the files_frommail app but it doesn’t work or we couldn’t get it to work and it seems to be structured to work with only one folder max. We need to be able to mail-enable a number of folders.

Will keep looking. Possibly one of your suggestions will suffice.

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