Email app trully is crap

I was writing an email and needed to add two attachments. After I’ve written it, i wanted to double check file names if I added correct ones. Of course, you only see “C:\Documents.…” … can’t even see whole file name. So i close it, thinking it will be under Drafts, maybe I can see it there.

There were 4 emails in my draft folder regarding this but guess what NONE OF THEM THE LAST VERSION … all of them were some previous versions with half the content missing, no attachments visible …

So of course you have to do it all over again. But this time, don’t make the same mistake AND REMEMBER WHAT YOU ADDED.

Is there nothing better out there we could use? There’s plenty of good looking, decent open source email clients out there, can we use some of those like roundcube or something?

First of all, it doesn’t help anyone if you come here to the forum to tell us that you think the app is “crap”. It would be better to open an issue on Github if you have found a reproducible bug or if you want to make suggestions on how to improve the app.

If you are looking for alternatives, you can try one the following apps:


There is also an app that integrates an existing RoundCube standalone email-webapp into Nextxloud, with optional SSO: RoundCube Mail - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud


Even on the apps page they recommend no longer to use the mail app, but instead use Snappymail

I think you are confusing Nextcloud Mail mit Rainloop.

True, I did. My bad.

It’s default app i’ve been using it from day one.

i’ll checkout snappymail, thanks.

here’s a suggestion, just deprecate it, there is no fixing it. you’d need to rewrite it and why would you when theres dozens of open source alternatives on the internet.

roundcube isn’t even an app, you need it running somewhere else and embed it into nextcloud? that’s silly.

Well that’s a bold claim you’re making there. However, I’m not a developer, so I can’t comment on that.

This sounds like a a massive exaggeration. I know RoundCube, Snappy (fork of Rainloop), After Logic WebMail (a fork, respectively the commercial version of Rainloop, not OSS), squirrelmail (still looks like it did in the 90s :wink: ) I’m sure I forgot a few, but if you can list at least a dozen, I’d be surprised.

No. You needs to install the Snappymail package somewhere. That is not “just” roundcube.

EDIT: Well I second my own comment. Following the documentation, it seems you dont need anything else. I am not using it at all, so I am ONLY stating what I can read.

still more than needing to write your own half assed one

but you can use whatever you want man, see if i care

Spoiler alert. I don’t use it. Anyways, I think you got your answer, if you want to keep bitching around here, go ahead. I’m out.

i have configuration questions but i don’t expect you to help, so thanks for letting me know this exists .

go bitching away now.

The SnappyMail app is fully self contained. Please read here on how to set it up: Admin Manual · the-djmaze/snappymail Wiki · GitHub

i’ve installed it from nextcloud store

## How to access the Admin Panel

After installing SnappyMail you can use the URL `` to access the Admin Panel of SnappyMail.

what server???

what is here in this context??

meh screw it, i’ll just continue using desktop clients

Probably the domain / URL of your Nextcloud server

We’re grateful for your honest feedback, but we’d like the next post to be written in a more constructive way.


Rainloop recommends snappymail after deprecating their app.

Nextcloud devs recommend their mail app.

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Any idea what version you’re using? There’s been lots of development in the past six months:

I see draft handling got a significant refactor per above.


The Snappy NC app store page entry has a paragraph that tells you where to find the settings in NC. It’s the only paragraph there so can’t miss it:

After enabling in Nextcloud, go to Nextcloud admin panel, “Additional settings” and you will see a “SnappyMail webmail” section. There, click on the link to go to the SnappyMail admin panel.

Definitely accurate documentation - I got curious and just deployed it.

Also looks like the Snappy admin manual has a section that has a Nextcloud heading with even more details if desired.

Keep in mind that Snappy can also be installed without Nextcloud so the default use case for their manual likely starts out assuming you’re not integrating it with NC. Scroll down. Or here’s the first link to a dedicated document (which is linked to from that section):

But, again, the app store paragraph is all that’s needed to get started.

Hope you find what you’re looking for with Snappy, with a newer version of NC Mail, or elsewhere. And I hope your weekend gets better from here onward.