Email-app sending mails to nextcloud users/groups instead of real email addresses

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Hello there,

I have a slight problem with the Email App. I can receive and send emails with it to ordinary email addresses like mine (e.g. However, if I try to select a nextcloud user (e.g. Patrick on my instance) as a recipient, where exactly this working email address is configured.
My expectation would be, that the mail app use the configured email address when choosing a nextcloud user name instead of a real email address, is that too naive?
The ultimative goal is to send emails to user groups, obviously this doesn’t work either, allthough the email app allows to select internal users/groups as recipient. The send mail is lying in the outbox folder indefinitely, while ordinary emails going in there temporarily and are removed after successful sending.

Netxcloud version: 24.0.1
Email app version:
thanks for help,

It appears to me that the given recipient is directly given to sendmail, so when I choose the nextcloud user “John” as recipient, there will be generated a local mail to the user John at the host system, who usually does not exist there. When I’m typing in names in the input field, matching internal nextcloud names and groups are presented to me, so I’m not supposed to use them ?

The email plugin will offer only the subset of users who actually have an email address as suggested recipients to select from, it doesn’t offer users who do not have an email address. This makes sense since it is an email client, hence the recipient must actually have an email address in order to send to. If you fill in an incomplete email address, it will obviously fail to send.

If you’re trying to find a way to communicate internally between nextcloud users, then what you are looking for is called “Talk”.