Email Alias RSVP's are not showing up in my calendar

I’ve got my NextCloud calendar connected to, but i can also receive email at via an alias.

When I click on “Accept” (from within the mail app in NextCloud), I get taken to a page that says the response was submitted, but when I go to the calendar tab I don’t see an event there. When I view the event on the originator’s calendar, I can see that “” is still pending, rather than showing that it accepted the event.

How can I make the calendar app understand that email1 and email2 correspond to the same calendar?

You may try to add your alias as an additional email, but I’m not sure if the NC mail app integration supports that (other clients may do).

CalDAV: handle email aliases for users · Issue #40891 · nextcloud/server · GitHub might be worth following.

Thank you, I’ll follow that bug.

Right now I figured out a way via the MacOS calendar app (people send an invite, I respond in MacMail, download the .ics file and upload it to my NextCloud calendar) but it’s really awkward and doesn’t stay in sync w/ any changing of the event.