Electronic Magazine Server?

May be I am not searching for the right keywords, or I missed it. But is there an Addon for Nextcloud that offers a sort of storage for electronic newspapers or magazines?

I have a big pile of DVDs from Elektor, CQDL, Funkschau, ARRL, AMSAT with the archives of their monthly magazines over many years.

Is there an Addon where I can copy all the DVDs into Nexcloud and the Addon runs an index o the pdfs, cataloging them and gives me a flexible search through all of them?

Thanks for any help!

i think what you are searching for is a media server theire are planty of them out their. An open source variant would be jellyfin. Its not directly integrated in nextcloud but i think with a bit tricking around you should be able to hang in a nc share and use jellyfin as browsing library (works and looks simular to netflix). Its possible to store music, films, series, books and stuff.

I have done exactly this since I run them both in Docker on the same server. I have a group folder with media, and then mount that folder from within the data folder as read only in Jellyfin. Works like a champ.

If it’s just PDFs, seems like Nextcloud could serve them up just fine.

And thanks for the reply!

Looks like a very advanced variant of what I am looking for. But it doesn’t really fit. I would appreciate all the fun stuff around like movie server and such. But the server I am running my documents on is not located at my primary home. The reason is simple, on my second location I have plenty of solar power and so the server is running “for free”.

So I am really looking for a “document server”. I would like to have an overview page of what I have but also would like to have the PDFs searchable or even auto-indexed?

Something like that.

The simplest iteration of what you want is Kodi. Use webdav to add your nextcloud storage.
Jellyfin would also work.

It is a bit of a slippery slope, but the good news is both Kodi and other options mentioned are fantastic!

Calibre-web would be the place to start, alongside full text search. Or, use cops or jellyfin or any opds server with full text search.

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