Elasticsearch on Hetzner Storage Share

I’ve recently rented a so called “Storage Share”, which is a pre-installed NextCloud offered by Hetzner in Germany. I was able to install the 4 apps that seem to be necessary to do full text search:

  • Full text search
  • Full text search - Elasticcsearch
  • Full text search - Files
  • Full text search - Files - Tesseract OCR.

But now I don’t get it running. All instructions I find suggest, I should run
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ fulltextsearch:index
but I have no ssh-access to the shell on that server.

I’ve installed OCCWeb, so I was able to enter

occ $ fulltextsearch:index

which returns

[object Object]


occ $ fulltextsearch:test


.Testing your current setup:
Creating mocked content provider. ok
Testing mocked provider: get indexable documents. (2 items) ok
Loading search platform. (Elasticsearch) ok
Testing search platform. fail
In StaticNoPingConnectionPool.php line 50:

No alive nodes found in your cluster

fulltextsearch:test [–output [OUTPUT] [-j|–json] [-d|–platform_delay PLATFORM_DELAY]]

Configuration is like:

occ $ fulltextsearch_elasticsearch:configure {}
“elastic_host”: “http://localhost:9200”,
“elastic_index”: “my_index”,
“fields_limit”: “10000”,
“es_ver_below66”: “0”,
“analyzer_tokenizer”: “standard”

So what should I do next?

Ask Hetzner, they told my, all apps could be installed

Using the search function of this forum provides the following result on exactly the same problem/question:

I’ve got a reply from Hetzner:

die Volltextsuche bedingt, dass Sie einen Such-Server (Solr, Elasticsearch, …) anbinden. Diesen müssen Sie selbst aufsetzen und betreiben, wir bieten einen solchen von unserer Seite her NICHT an.

Der Fehler deutet darauf hin, dass die App zwar das Modul für Elasticsearch lädt, sie aber keinen entsprechenden Server hinterlegt haben.

They basically say, that one has to set up a “search server” one self, and that they don’t offer this service.

The point is, that there is no shell login to the Hetzner server. The answer from j-ed also points to an article where one need to have shell access and Elasticsearch is install in a docker container.

Obviosly it is not possible to do that on Hetzner’s Storage Share :frowning: