Elastic Search not working after upgrade

Dear all,

Maybe this question is repeating but I can’t find a solution in this forum.

As the caption mentioned, Elasticsearch failed to work after upgrade. In fact, I tested the Elasticsearch server by using “curl” and it does work but when I do occ Fulltextsearch:test, I got “Search platform (Elasticsearch) down ?” in Test.php line 304.

Any clues ?

Thanks in advance.


Dear all,

In case someone come across this problem, it is because of elasticsearch authentication problem. Passing user:password at the url does not work.

try edit: fulltextsearch_elasticsearch/lib/Platform/ElasticSearchPlatform.php, below: ->setHosts($hosts) of connectToElastic, add (i.e. hardcode): ->setBasicAuthentication(‘user’, ‘password’), then it will work again.

look forward for fix.

Thanks for this: Fulltextsearch 26.0.0 seems to ignore credentials for ROR on elasticsearch - #2 by Jeroen_Beerstra


What version of Nextcloud?

I’m running into the same problem with 27.0.1 (I mentioned the output of running elasticsearch and the connection problem in the linked post)

It still work in 27.0.1 for me, both Nextcloud and elasticsearch app.

I edit “custom_apps/fulltextsearch_elasticsearch/lib/Platform/ElasticSearchPlatform.php” and it works in the 27.0.1.