Efficient and simple backup

I am reading several forums and videos on how to make a nextcloud backup of the information and the database.

I have nextcloud installed on Ubuntu server in a virtual machine.
Help me what steps to take.

As well as making a backup and then using it if the information is damaged.

Your topic is very very general.

Nextcloud runs on Raspberry and on big clusters.
There are solutions for almost every setup. Please use the internet.

In your case, you can simply backup the entire VM.

Hello, thanks for your time.

The detail of making a VM backup, it is necessary to turn off the computer. To clone it.
or some free paid software that can do that without having to turn off the VM?

Or in another way, make a script and which folders I have to save to.

Thank you.

You did not mention your NC version.
Have you seen Backup - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud ?

Another good catch is:

Hello, thanks for your time.

NC : 27.1.1

That app only works up to version 25

I use Nextcloud-Backup-Restore:

There’s a simple script that you enter your details in, and it configures the backup script. You can run it manually, or set it up to work automatically. If you ever need to restore, run the backup script, select your backup and you’re good.

Works perfectly, but I’m self-hosting on a mini pc running Ubuntu 22.04.3.
I’m clueless as to if that would work on a VM.
Just wanted to give another option for you to investigate.

Thanks friend, I’ll try it.