Editing odt files with android app Polaris Office


I have installed an android App for editing office documents. This is is called “Polaris Office”. I can add Nextcloud as remote drive and can open any document. But only *doc and *docx files are editable. *odt files are write protected.

I contact the developer from And Polaris Office and he mean that’s an problem from the WebDAV server.

No usable logs at my android device and at Nextcloud.
Can anyone try it with an other nextcloud instance?

I just tried to open an odt file with polaris office that was stored locally on my phone, and it is also protected.
So it cant be a problem with webdav, looks like the app cant write odt, only view it.

Too bad :frowning:

Yes I think so

Found an app that can handle odt: TextMaker Mobile Free. I’m very satisfied.