Editing coolwsd.xml

Hi! I have CODE/Collabora run in docker, and I am looking for the best way to tune up my instance through modification of coolwsd.xml file. So, here I have 2 questions:

  1. What is the best way to edit the coolwsd.xml, which is in docker in fact?
  2. How to pass the the options to CODE via docker run command?

In particular in the documentation I have found:

Collabora online has layered configuration, which means that settings are read from /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml but can be overridden by command line switches (for example in systemd’s coolwsd.service file). By using --o:name=value the setting called name can be replaced by value . For example: --o:per_document.max_concurrency=12 . This will override the max_concurrency to 12, regardless of what the XML has set.

Is it possible to reuse it somehow in the docker run file?

Eg, I would like to disable Zotero, in coolwsd.xml there’s the key:

<enable desc="Enable Zotero plugin." type="bool" default="true">false</enable>

So, how to pass efficiently value false there?

Many thanks!

You can mount /etc/coolwsd as a volume and then just modify it from the host machine. You’ll probably need to do this before starting the container:

Here I’m binding /var/container/collabora/etc/coolwsd/ on the host to /etc/coolwsd/ on the container in the yaml format used by docker compose:

    image: collabora/code
       - /var/container/collabora/etc/coolwsd/:/etc/coolwsd/
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