Editing an existing app - installation problems

I’m trying to edit an out-of-date app that’s already on the store (I have permission from the current owner), but I’m having trouble enabling it.

I pulled the repo from the developer’s Github into apps-extra, and the config.php definitely includes the folder, like it says in the tutorial here. However, when I go to enable the app, it downloads it from the app store instead of enabling the local files. I can see my changes on the “Disabled Apps” page (changed version number and display name), but when I click “Enable”, it downloads the version from the app store and ignores my files.
Am I missing something obvious here? I tried changing the ID in the appinfo, but it made no difference. I found another question that suggested changing the ID everywhere it appears, but A) that seems a bit nuts and B) my end goal is to update the existing app in the store, not create a new one, so I’d rather not do that.

Would you mind sharing the link to the app source code?

I had a similar problem once, this was caused by a typo in the paths, i guess. You have all app paths set as read-only, right? Is the app according to the manifest allowed to be installed? Is the source code on the correct location (folder name)? Is the app in the list of apps detected prior to enabling?

Sure, it’s this one.
If you mean the writable:false, then yes, the path is set to read-only
The source code is in the correct location, at least I’m pretty sure - I have a simple test app in the same folder, and that runs fine.
I can see the name in the “Disabled Apps” list, and my changes to the code are reflected in the entry - the problem comes when I try to enable it, and it downloads from the app store instead.
So in Disabled apps, the entry looks like this:

BPM Files dev, 0.3.0 Remove, Download and Enable (with tooltip: “This app will be downloaded from the app store”)

But when I enable it, the name and version number revert to “BPM Files” and “0.2.1”, which are on the app store.

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After cloning the app to app-extra, you could run the following commands to verify that the app was detected correctly:

occ app:list

If that shows the app you can check the path:

occ app:getpath files_bpm

Having said that, the problem is mostlikely the cloning step. The repo name does not match the appid, so you have to rename the folder or specify the target name on the clone, so Nextcloud correctly detects the app with the appid in the folder:

git clone https://github.com/Loydl/nc-bpm-app.git files_bpm

you can verify this with an ls -la in the apps-extra/ folder which should show a files_bpm folder. Also the path apps-extra/files_bpm/appinfo/info.xml should exist.


…I’m an idiot. You’re right, it was just that I hadn’t named the folder correctly!


@kirstenhh … same! Development can resume :+1:

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