Editing Active Directory Security Group from Nextcloud


I just finished my installation of NC. I connected my NC with my LDAP (Active Directory) and syncinc users and groups from my AD, everything works fine.

I have a question, is it possible to edit active directory security groups from nextcloud ?
Example :

My NC server is bind to my AD with an user (nextcloud_sync-user), this user have a delegation on a specific OU that contains my security groups related to NC (GP_NC-1, …). In NC admin users console, i have set an user (user_x) to be admin of AD synced group GP_NC-1.
Now, from the user_x user console I add a new user (user_y) to GP_NC-1. My hope was to see that user_y is now member of GP_NC-1 on the AD side. But … that’s not what happened :wink:

Thanks for your help,

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IT guy