Edit skeleton or default personal tables

Hello there,

to keep it simple I want to fully disable/remove or at least customize the personal tables which will be created by default for any new user or anyone (not) in a specific group on a Nextcloud instance.

How to achieve this? By the way thank you very much for the App, which in other terms really fits our needs already well.

Deleted. Wrong theme.

Thanks for your time, but I need to clear up a misunderstanding. The example data I mentioned is probably not part of Nextcloud server.

I am looking for a proper way to handle the default tables which are being created by the App with the same name. Hopefully the following screenshot will explain:

However, the documentation gave me an hint for a temporary workaround: The occ command is already or will be a possible way to hide Tables with something like occ tables:list [-c|--count] [--no-shares] [<user-id>], but this does not exactly help me.

Sorry. Yes this is the app Tables and not the files settings. My fault.

You can search the issues. I found the issue #665 for you. Maybe @juliushaertl can help.

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