Edit polls option before publishing

Hello community.

I sometimes use the clone feature to duplicate surveys. Before I publish the new poll, I want to edit some poll options. But I can’t find such an editing function. Is there such a feature (which I think only makes sense for text options and unpublished polls)?

thx in advance

Editing poll options is not supported atm, because it can affect existing votes.

For explanation: The text of a poll option is used as key for the votes too, to match a vote to the exact poll option. Changing the text of an optioin invalidates the votes.

Creating a new option and delete the old one is actually the only way.

Thanks for the explanation. But I was looking for an editing mode before the first release. For example, between making a clone copy and first sharing it.

Maybe that could become a feature in the future.

Yes, maybe in the future. Until then delete the wrong option and create a new one. Text can be copied and pasted. I think it si a reasonable solution.

Delete and new:

  1. copy text of wrong option
  2. click delete icon of the wrong option
  3. paste it into the edit box
  4. click submit or press enter
  5. move the option to change the order

Editing would be:

  1. click menu entry of option
  2. click the edit icon
  3. change the text
  4. click submit or press enter

Not much saved