Edit office documents directly in the cloud by Browser/Desktop/Mobile App


because of lots of old topics on the net, it’s hard to find out about the current state or features of the different office integrations. Some say mobile is still not available for ONLYOFFICE, but possible for Collabora but with their own smartphone app. Later maybe still limited to 20 concurrent connections.

Is it by now possible to edit documents directly in the cloud by either the browser directly or by Nextcloud desktop-/smartphone app?
Editing directly in the browser would also indirectly open the doors to cross-platform.
ONLYOFFICE has its Online Editors that may be possible to integrate into Nextcloud?



Yes, mobile works just fine for Nextcloud Office (aka: Collabora CODE). I use it via the standard Nextcloud Files Android app.

As for concurrency, that’s a mixture of resource requirements and/or licensing matters. There are no limitations in terms of capacity otherwise. NC Office, Collabora, and OnlyOffice all have various editions (community/home/enterprise and some other variations) - some of which do have user limits.

Some people try to work around these limits, such as running Collabora CODE edition in a business setting, but…

If this is an enterprise situation, have you considered contacting Nextcloud GmbH, Collabora, and OnlyOffice to explore their different options and/or set up a trial/evaluation deployment?

Thanks for your detailed answer.

The good thing about the ONLYOFFICE online editor is, that it looks similiar to Libreoffice/Microsoft Office products and that they have more functions than CODE.

Its just for personal use.
It would have been nice, if working directly in the cloud with ONLYOFFICE online editors is possible for personal use.
But it seems that I need to purchase a 2200€ enterprise license for this.

EDIT: Just tried CODE. Its also very nice. :slight_smile:

Hey jtr,

did you configure something special? I installed Nextcloud Office and Collabora CODE but the Nextcloud Files App on Android does not even try to open it via Nextcloud Office. Im general it’s working and Onlyoffice worked before too. There isn’t really much to setup nut maybe I’m missing something.

Any help is appreciated!