Edit all subscriptions in News

I’m moving my RSS feed reading habits from feedly and over to Nextcloud, and I exported the OPML from feedly and imported it to News, and I ran in to a few problems. The first of which is that 3 of the feeds I was importing lead to a “import failed, check data/nextcloud.log”, which I have done, to see what failed. And in this case, it looks like some feeds moved forever ago and feedly just fixed it up in their backend but the OPML wasn’t. This is annoying, but not why I’m here. My problem is that I can’t see where in the News app to manage all of my subscriptions, so that I can edit out the bad ones, and then file some useful bugs. If I have to run something with occ to do things that’s fine, I can even drop it all and re-import.


we don’t have a tool for mass managing feeds, which I guess is what you are looking for.
You can delete them individually of course via occ or the ui.
There is also no way to edit feeds, feeds that do not validate during adding them are not added to the DB.

There is definitely room for improvement in this area.