Easy to remember generated passwords?

According to the main readme:

The integrated password generator follows the new [NIST Digital Identity Guidelines] It generates long passwords which are easy to remember, yet long and secure. Say goodbye to pseudo random letters and numbers, random password requirements and contra productive expiration guidelines without reason. Why? Because it is easier for you to remember that your twitter account unlocks with a “FuriousToothbrush” than “fAu*j,4?rQ:25(#c”. Of course we know that most websites still require numbers and special characters, so we will help you with that as well.

However, I can see no sign of that, I get passwords like 98h149Ft3pXtGY6hPpXUVxCa3W3CKh1WiJkt. Is it something I fail to see here, or the above paragraph has no meaning whatsoever?

Go to the Nextcloud admin area, open the passwords section and select any value but “Random Characters” as words service.

  • Local dictionary has no dependencies on external services
  • Leipzig Corpora supports the most languages with the most words
  • Watchout4Snakes makes the easiest to remember word combinations

OK, thank you, this really seems to work. Wasn’t obvious from the readme. However, the admin docs say that

Local Dictionary

Detects and uses locally installed dictionaries for english, german, french, italian, spanish and portuguese.
Actually available options depend on which dictionaries are installed on the server.

Where would I do that?

These are the locations the app checks:


/usr/share/dict/words is required, all others are optional.

You can usually install dictionaries via the package manager of your linux os

Clear, thank you!