Easy setup script for Nextcloud High performance backend, Signaling & Collabora Office

We created an easy setup script for Debian 11 (Bullseye) which can install Nextcloud High performance backend, Signaling & Collabora Office (with MS fonts) in only 5 minutes. It also creates a Let’s Encrypt certificate via Certbot and handles multi domain support for different Nextcloud installations for Talk and Collabora Office.
The GitHub page: https://github.com/sunweaver/nextcloud-high-performance-backend-setup
The German Wiki for the Script (not complete yet): https://github.com/sunweaver/nextcloud-high-performance-backend-setup/wiki/02-Setup-Script
Have fun :grinning:


The best automation for this instalation ever !

Great work guys !

Thank you very much !

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We have now a video from the script:


Any idea what have been happening after the last update?
The hpbe at the moment it’s so broken, the video calls are not working at all and the audio calls are connected after 10 seconds of waiting.
I’ve did a clean re-install yesterday and the results are still the same.

Thank you very much !

I’m really sorry about this, it seems there was a problem about my internet provider.
I’ve tested from another network and works as expected.

Thank you and sorry about this post.