E2EE working fine on iOS, but missing options on Mac


recently i activated E2EE on NC 13.0.1 and it’s working like a charm on my iPhone.
But - i can’t use/activate it on my Mac. There is no dialogue appearing asking to activate E2EE or anything, also the encrypted folder get’s synced, but i can’t access the files (which is expected at this stage).

Any idea what needs to be done, to get my Mac (and other Computers) up and running?
It was the same behaviour on my work Mac as well. So i think it’s a general issue here.

Many thanks for your help!


The desktop clients have not been release with e2e yet. There is a more general topic about questions referring the status of the desktop client:

Thanks @tflidd, that explains a lot! :wink: Guess I was expecting it to work out of the box, because there is a video available used for E2EE on YT somewhere. Can’t recall any preview/beta mentions. Thanks anyway.