Dynamic IP changed, I addressed the issue but now nextcloud still not accessible

Dynamic IP changed and then I addressed this at the domain dns.

Now the nextcloud site is unaccessible and this was never a problem in the past.

Usually I could use the dynamic dns client to address this but recently namecheap indicated they have a problem with the client so I had to manually fix it.

I’m not sure what to look at in nextcloud or if there is really any problem with nextcloud at all.

How can I check or what to check ?

I can access the nextcloud via LAN so I know the server is running.
I can access via WAN IP only but get the https message which is expected but shows that the page is pointing.

I cannot access via domain or sub domain which I’ve used for years on same server.

I attempted to letsencrypt again thinking perhaps I need certificate fixed etc.

This gives me errors and indicates old WAN IP in the error somehow, but I don’t know how to interpret the errror.

This sounds like it’s a matter outside of Nextcloud.

It sounds like DNS isn’t changed (or at least propagated).

What do DNS queries (from outside your network) return in comparison to what you expect?

Looks like a DNS lookup online shows my domain pointing to the wrong IP
Even though I can type in the correct IP manually and it’s facing my server for sure.

Not sure what that’s all about. Thanks

Yep you were right.
Even after changing the IP at the domain records it resorted back for some reason .
I fixed it there, and resolves fine. Thanks

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