Dynamic creation of skeleton directory (default files)

Hello there,

I would like to tweak the registration process for new users, where the skeleton directory is dynamically created, based on the user’s username.


A user from the user group moderator gets access to files from users of the user group uploader. Those users can self-register. A directory with the same name as username is automatically created and shared with the moderator group. This way, the moderator can access the files, comment on them, …

Expected behavior:

  • User registers as username
  • A directory username is automatically created for them
  • This directory is automatically shared with user group moderator
  • The directory cannot be renamed, thus it will always reflect username
  • (optional: the user can only create/upload files in/into the created directory)

I would love to see, if this is possible at all :slight_smile:


I think it is a good idea but it is not possible.

Perhaps first the “moderator” creates the folders for each user.
He can copy e.g. defaults in this folder.
Then the folder is shared with a “guest” (e-mail) with the app guests.
Watch video

This is the normal function of guests. Also e.g. read only is possible.
Guests can get also multiple folders.

Thank you for the quick reply.

In my scenario, the base of users, to create their accounts, will be in the realms of multiple hundreds (or even thousands). So, manually creating folders isn’t a possibility here. The guests app looks nice! But I think I would have the same problem here. I would need the users to sign up for themselves.