During automatic upgrade the backup fails

I’m completely unable to upgrade now. The web page always shows that creating a backup failed. Is there any way to skip this step during the upgrade process? When I use the upgrade command on the command line, it says that there is no updated version

John Molakvoæ via Nextcloud community <noreply@help.nextcloud.org> 于2024年3月29日周五 04:36写道:

If you run the updater app from command line, you can skip the backup step:

sudo -u www-data php updater/updater.phar --no-backup

If not, you need to check the logfiles for more details and fix the issue why it fails.

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problem sovled, thank you very much

tflidd via Nextcloud community <noreply@help.nextcloud.org> 于2024年4月1日周一 15:49写道:

Sounds like @tflidd addressed your situation, but did want to respond to this part because it comes up a lot: occ upgrade is not the Updater (though it is generally utilized after a new version of Nextcloud gets installed - either by running it manually or letting the Updater run it when it’s done with everything else).

Noting this more for future searchers.

The Updater = updater.phar whereas occ upgrade is only useful after a successful Updater run.

And, yes, I know this is confusing due to the similar naming. :slight_smile:

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