Duplicated download button for .svg share

Hello. Having trouble sharing the .svg file. The button on the download page is duplicated.

Nextcloud: 25.0.5
Ubuntu: 22.04.1
PHP: 8.1.2

No idea, was this always like this?

NC 25 had two minor updates, if such a problem were detected and fixed, it would be in there (Changelog - Nextcloud). Usually, it’s good to try that first, in case it is fixed, nobody has to worry anymore.

If you don’t have hints from when it started to happen, I’d check if this might be some app. They can add or remove features. Do you use your own themes?

Also if you updated a few things, it can help to clear the caches, such things can happen if some part of the design is from an older version.

NC 25 update did not resolve this issue. Disable apps too. This only happens with one file format .svg

I can confirm the same on my NC26.0.2 (using Wikipedia example file)

I opened a BR

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The issue was fixed already!

replace ./apps/files_sharing/templates/public.php with patched version. or wait until it enters official version.

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Thanks it worked