Duplicate folder (create a copy at the same place)

Hi Everyone,

I am not able using the WEB GUI to duplicate a folder at the same place.
(That’s useful when you always use the same template of directories)

ex : /foo/bar copied to /foo/bar (copy)

Is it possible to do a such operation ?


PS : using Nextcloud 13.0.2

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No, not in the GUI.

Thank you very much for your answer @anon99252149

Do you think that’s could be a nice feature to suggest to the development team ?


Not for me because I would use it too rarely.

Original discussion on GitHub.

Hi @Manu_Allasia,

I would like that feature and think it’s worth opening a feature request for.

My use case: I have to send “bills” every month and for that I need to duplicate the old file, change the relevant information and send it. This saves me a lot of time compared to creating a completely new file.
Unfortunately, right now I have to copy the old file to a different folder, rename the file there and move the new, copied file back to the folder for all my bills. It’s an extra step and it works fine that way, but it is not the most intuitive and nicest way. So a duplicate with appended name "<old-file-name> (copy <number>).<file-extension>" would be very nice.


Hi, sorry to dig up the topic, but in 20.0.x it seems still not possible to duplicate a folder in the same parent folder, while it is possible for files, with a (copy) file being created.

Yes. I think that is not possible.

You can copy your template bar (copy) in a a folder e.g. named template and copy it from there to the correct folder. Then additionally it does not stand around in the way. :wink: