Duplicate folder after creating "New Folder" in Windows 10 using NextCloud Client and renaming the folder

Nextcloud version: 27.1.7
Operating system and version: Ubuntu LTS

The issue I’m facing:

I have in a large self hosted instance two users reporting the following behavior:

  • User creates a new folder in windows Explorer within the NextCloud-Directory
  • User renames the folder in windows Explorer to something else than “New Folder”
  • After hitting F5 in windows explorer the user sees two new folders, one “New Folder” and one additional folder with the new Name
  • This also happens, if the user copies a file into the local NextCloud directory in windows Explorer and then renames the file. The file shows up two times after hitting F5 in windows explorer or leaving the folder and navigating back to the folder. One file with the original file name at the moment the file was copied into the folder and another one with the new name.

This is reproducable at two different users (from aroun 150 users at this instance). Both are using windows 10 with the latest NextCloud client version available at the moment (don’t have the exact version number reported by them but both updated today to the latest available version).

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? : This happens for some weeks now. There have been NextCloud updates at the server inbetween and i was hoping this fixes the problem but it didn’t.

Steps to replicate it:
See description above.

I’ve searched the community but didn’t find a related post.

Maybe someone has an idea what is the root cause for this and i’m happy for any ideas how to fix this.

I’ve been noticing this too, after starting to use the Nextcloud sync client more on Windows (I was previously using SMB file share to get to the files).

Exactly like you say - copy the file(s) from a non-Nextcloud location into one of the sync folders, then rename. This produces two sets of files, one with the new name and the other with the old.

If this is reproducible, you should file a bug report.

Exact same issue from my side