Duplicate finder

is there an app that search and (eventually) delete duplicate files?
Mainly in pictures (so with picture related file extension), however, an app that search all duplicate files in storage would be very handy.

One that can allow to choose the duplicate file to delete.

I can’t help with Nextcloud app, but these may be handy too.
I have tryed rdfind and I think it worked great. Just spend some time with the manual and you are good to go.

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thanks @MeiRos Meiros,
I know a couple of those.
I was hoping for some app more integrated to NC application.
Some that allows me to decide what sort of duplicate file to search for (pictures/photo type or other types).
Also that allows me (in an easy way) to choose the files to delete (choosing the correct folder where the files are).

I agree with you. App would be much more handy.
Here’s issue about checksums. Looks like it is coming on some day…

Those checksums could be easy to use to check duplicates too.

lets see…
I know I have duplicate photos and documents (my bad…) and I need to find them all and free space in my storage disk!


Hi Meonkeys,
I gave Duplicatefinder a try but I dont succeed to getting it to work. It only turn the circle around for ever!
Do you have any tips?
I tried the occ command but I only get the > prompt after sending the command with options (user and path)
Sorry for late response but I gave up for a while!!

Hi @kattivius , sorry, no, I don’t have any tips for using duplicatefinder. I used it very little and recall it was indeed slow. I haven’t found anything better that runs inside Nextcloud. I use rdfind (directly on a Linux filesystem).

File an issue or check their github repo. Using search or reading documentation or just browsing the app store could have saved you a ton of time on this! I see it received an update for nc22 as of yesterday.

There is also simple duplicate tagger, you can decide if you need to keep it or delete it. GitHub - GAS85/nextcloud_scripts: This a collection of scripts that makes my nextcloud administrator life easy by automation and better reporting. And I would like to share it with U.