Duplicate File Detection

If I understand correctly, there is no way presently to configure my Nextcloud to detect and alert me when someone uploads a duplicate file. Is this a candidate for an app?

I have a client with two requirements:

  1. Check for existing file with same name
  2. Check for existing file with same file type and size

Thank you.


hi @ CiviHosting,
did you find a solution for this situation?

No we did not.

I do remember a discussion somewhere in Github a lot of time ago… Sorry but no idea on how to find it now.

I seem to remember that is a complex problem, as it risks to be computationally expensive: if you have 10 files either you compare the first with the other nine, the second with the other 8, … (total 45 comparisons for 10 files) or you find a good hash function.

The hash function has to be really good if you want to find also small differencces in big text files (or PDF, or …).
So it should be an hard problem and I think with not so many people asking for it.

I’d love to have it too, but II do not have a lot of hope

Hi there
I’m just starting with nextcloud (such a great solution), and i think this would be really useful.
I think maybe using and integrating an already existent tool would be possible. I was just searching and found ‘rmlint’. Maybe there’s a reason not to do so, that I’m totally overseeing.
I thought I could just drop in the idea.
I’d gladly help if convenient.
Greetings :slight_smile: